Friday, 29 April 2011

Tarot sketch

Tarot interpretations as a 3D animation. The various prescribed words (or ideas? images? sentiments? intuitions?) associated with a card delineate the outline, a Venn diagram set, somewhere within which lies roughly the truth we are seeking. But the definition is no particular word - the ambiguous space requires the flexibility of imagination, the possibility or potential of several perhaps contradictory meanings.
It in fact exists somewhere along a 3rd axis, the circle extruded along it into the murky subconscious. "The answer lies somewhere or perhaps everywhere in the mass of the cone..."
Similar cones are illuminated from each of the five cards, sliding and stretching through the smoky darkness, like the beams of searchlights. They eventually intersect, to form a small bright gemstone, colours irridescing and pulsing across its five main faces.
But it is the face opposite the middle card, the synthesis, which shines strongest, enough to throw a new beam of holy light, powerful insight, sharp and clear, direct to a point, from the forehead (the third eye, of course).
By this means, the tarot reader locates the meaning of the cards, and understands it. The location - the intersection of the possibilities of all the cards - is also the meaning. The location is only a metaphor in this demonstration - but the meaning is all metaphor as well. This is how metaphor works, this is how tarot works, this is how the world works.

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